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Where is the industry placing its bets in 2020?

Clarity in an era of change


It is rare to enter a new year with such uncertainty. Financial market outlooks appear uncertain, with a ‘cooling’ likely. Trade-wars and anti-globalisation cloud the horizon. Equally, disruptive technologies will shape new winners and losers. Global investors will turn to new markets for long-term growth.

We may not know how these themes will play out in 2020: but what we can know is how we are each dealing with them. Where are we spending resources, where do we have aspirations for transformation, what markets are we betting on in 2020? Most of all where can we carve out a unique edge?

#thePulse’s research paper aims to give new guidance to participants across the entire investment cycle. Focusing on macro-priorities, regulatory projects, internal priorities and market structures this project is designed to give you complete clarity on where you should be concentrating in 2020.





















Unique insight on where our industry is headed


This report has polled over 5,000 financial professionals internationally across the entire financial ecosystem (across both the buy- and sell-sides), in order to understand where they are focusing their efforts today and tomorrow. It focuses on 5 key areas:

  • What expectations we have of 2020 at a macro level

  • Where and how people are dealing with regulation: where is the spend and why?

  • What internal projects and transformation is happening across the industry: where are we taking big bets)

  • Investment markets: which markets are going to be front-of-mind for investors in 2020; where do we need to see more change?

  • Where people are turning for help; what are they looking for; and who do they value most?


Each of these points is broken down into granular detail (by market, by asset class and many other profiles) in order to give a specific and actionable view to each reader. Whether you’re a Broker in Hong Kong or a Fund manager in Sweden, this report will give you all the data you need to benchmark yourself versus your peers.

Watch the report's key findings:

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Or download the survey' initial findings here:

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