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Agile Customer Insights Platform:

turning your client conversations into insights that drive your whole business



Our partners are using our Agile Customer Insights platform to generate over 100 opportunities a week for their businesses:  leveraging the detailed market, customer and business insights that we deliver every day.

This page explains how our Agile platform transforms your customer conversations into detailed statistical insights - walking you through a campaign lifecyce and giving you the chance to play with all of our example dashboards so that our platform comes to life.

Client call logging


A light-weight, SPIN-based call script that your front line can use to log client calls in less than 10 minutes...using only their thumbs


vx benchmarks


Enrich your own customer insights by adding a range of our own proprietary benchmarks - sourced from over 2,500 leading industry specialists around the globe


market insights


"Over 40% of fund managers in Asia are focusing on DLT - in order to reduce costs. That's led by CEOs and COOs".


Build granular, detailed market insights that drive your client pitches and roadmaps 



customer insights


"I know you're worried about x, you're under-estimating y and you really should consider z".


Start every client conversation with unique, customer-specific insights. 


business insights


"My team in Hong Kong are mobilising the most around APIs - but only 40% of their conversations with COOs are turning into opportunities".


Source essential insights on how you are mobilising, where and what is driving your success


thought leadership

Partner with global industry associations to lead and shape industry dialogue - even when you're not in the room

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