In a  world of globalised investments, how are Asia's broker-dealers managing their global expansions?

What are their clients asking for; where are they expanding; and with what challenges in mind?

The last decade has seen rapid growth in the size and reach of Asian brokers.


Driven largely by the growing investment appetites of Chinese investors, the region's broker-dealer landscape has shifted considerably.


What were once small, domestically-focused markets around the region have become globalised platforms - offering Asia's investors reach into a growing number of markets and asset classes around the globe. 

But what has this journey of globalisation meant for the region's brokers? What has driving the prioritisation of markets and investments that they offer? What challenges have they had to manage as they continue to eye new opportunities for their customers?

In the first industry-wide survey of its kind, this campaign will leverage the support of Broadridge and Interactive Brokers to draw on the views of investors and brokers across the region.


Based on their unique insights we will be able to provide actionable, commercial insights on how best to manage international growth from Asia: identifying the direction of growth and the challenges  faced by industry participants today.


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