How is the world of asset servicing dealing with this time of unprecedented market and regulatory change? Are we transforming or just surviving?

The industry perspective


What does our research mean for the industry? Listen to expert views and insights from Mike Thrower (Broadridge) and Colin Parry (ISSA) as they explain what our research's Key Findings mean to them. 

Asset Servicing Innovation: the Industry perspective
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The APAC perspective


With the highest levels of corporate action errors of any region, what does corporate action automation mean in Asia-Pacific?


Listen to expert views and insights from Maria Leung (HKEX), Mike Thrower (Broadridge) and Gary O'Brien (BNP Paribas) as they explain why APAC is a unique challenge and opportunity

Asset Servicing Innovation: the APAC perspective
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What is this survey?

The world of asset servicing is being transformed in 2020. as the investments industry (including fund managers, brokers and banks) is faced with conflicting pressures inside and outside of their organisations


As organisations contend with significant cost pressures internally, in parallel with early lessons learned from COVID-19, many are seeking to consolidate and transform their corporate action workflows: driving automation in a hitherto highly manual area.


At the same time, external changes such as SRD-II are transforming the entire life-cycle of corporate actions. What were once static-announcements from issuers are now highly interactive engagements: as investors rush to meet the speed and content of new disclosure requirements.


Put together, these dynamics are taking asset servicing from being a fragmented, manual and static process to an automated, organic discussion between issuers and investors. Industry participants need to consider whether and how their technology platforms can facilitate this journey: and whether now is the time to be considering transformational platform changes as they prepare for a new era of corporate actions.



How does this research work?

Sponsored by Broadridge and run in cooperation with a number of industry associations (including ASIFMA, ISSA, the Corporate Actions Joint Working Group and The Network Forum), and media publications (Global Custodian), this report is designed to drive industry-wide best-practice and to help individual organisations to benchmark themselves versus their peers, customers and competitors.


The research will be based initially on an online market survey of over 5,000 industry participants globally: drawing on expertise from global fund managers, wealth managers, brokers, banks and CSDs.  Our data points will then be supported by personal interviews with leading market specialists) with the aim of delivering statistical data on the following areas:


  • How industry participants are working today: what their architectures and organisational structures are in asset servicing


  • Who is reacting to this market change in what way: incremental change versus transformation (with insights broken down by market, segment and job profile)


  • What is driving their decision making: what factors are ‘pushing them across the line’ in changing technologies; and what benefits they have derived from doing so


  • What actions industry players are (concretely) taking to address specific market dynamics, including COVID, SRD-II, ISO20022, CSD-R and others


  • Which partners they are turning to for help: who brokers see as strategic partners in addressing these challenges and why?