It costs more to source a corporate action than in does to process it today

In a world of digitisation and transformation, how can 30% of the cost of our corporate actions still lie in cleaning and interpreting event data?

Our global survey of over 240 specialists around the world (led by FIS and Accenture, with the support of DTCC, HKEX and ISSA) shines new light on the challenges that our event data presents today - and on how they can be managed tomorrow.


With 56% of our costs of a corporate action made up by data sourcing alone, what can be done to reduce the cost and risks that we carry every day?

In this #vxInsight episode, George Harris (FIS), John Lee (Accenture), Patrick Barthel (DTCC), Alan Chuen (HKEX) and Steve Ridley (representing ISSA) share their reactions to our latest "Corporate Actions 2021" research.

Corporate Actions 2021 - Key findings explained#vxInsight
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