What is this survey?

Corporate action automation has been highlighted as the #1 investment priority for transformation in 2021. From CEOs to arbitrage desks, the eyes of the industry are firmly focused on this key space after a year of significant shocks.

But how can firms realise their automation strategies when their #1 dependency is the data they receive from external counterparties? “Challenges automating with market infrastructures” and “Incomplete data” have been highlighted as the most significant challenges in sourcing and validating corporate actions – underlining the critical importance of corporate action data as the key enabler to process automation.

Our “Corporate Actions: Is it all about the data?” campaign is designed to provide granular clarity around the specific challenges that corporate action data is creating across the industry: in terms of cost, risk and scale.


















How does this research work?

Sponsored by Accenture and FIS - and run in cooperation ISSA, the DTCC and Hong Kong Exchange, this report is designed to drive industry-wide best-practice and to help individual organisations to benchmark themselves versus their peers, customers and competitors.


The research will be based initially on an online market survey of over 5,000 industry participants globally: drawing on expertise from global fund managers, wealth managers, brokers, banks and CSDs.  Our data points will then be supported by personal interviews with leading market specialists) with the aim of delivering statistical data on the following areas:


  • How industry participants are working today: what their architectures and organisational structures are in asset servicing


  • Who is reacting to this market change in what way: incremental change versus transformation (with insights broken down by market, segment and job profile)


  • What is driving their decision making: what factors are ‘pushing them across the line’ in changing technologies; and what benefits they have derived from doing so


  • What actions industry players are (concretely) taking to address specific market dynamics, including COVID, SRD-II, ISO20022, CSD-R and others


  • Which partners they are turning to for help: who brokers see as strategic partners in addressing these challenges and why?