Corporate Actions in 2021:
Is it all about the data?

Join FIS and Accenture for an in-depth, expert discussion on how corporate action data is shaping our industry today

14th September 2021, 9am EST / 14:00 UK time / 15:00 CET


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What is this webinar about?

Corporate action automation has been highlighted as the #1 investment priority for transformation in 2021. From CEOs to arbitrage desks, the eyes of the industry are firmly focused on this key space after a year of significant shocks. But how can firms realise their automation strategies when their #1 dependency is the data they receive from external counterparties?


Sponsored by Accenture and FIS - and run in cooperation ISSA, the DTCC and Hong Kong Exchange, our “Corporate Actions: Is it all about the data?” research campaign has gathered a unique range of over 230 perspectives on where and how corporate action data is challenging us today.


What will we discuss?

Leveraging the unique statistical insights gained from this global research campaign, our webinar will highlight:


1. The corporate action data problem:

-  What is it and how big a problem do we face?

-  How is the corporate action data problem manifesting itself every day?

-  What are the consequences of these issues on our client relationships, risk management and growth


2. Corporate actions in a post-trade context:

-  How is the corporate action data problem impacting us across the wider back office?

- What is the hidden case for change (including reconciliations, settlements, securities lending, data management and liquidity management)?

3. Solving the problem:

- What steps are working across the world and with what degree of impact?

- What can each of us do to safely reduce risk and to drive efficiencies tomorrow?

- How and where are we struggling to achieve meaningful change?

- What are we learning about managing change in this crucial space?