79% of firms in our industry have dedicated resources to DLT today. Yet only 1.6% of firms are fully live with this new technology


Where is the industry leveraging  DLT's immutability, distribution and transparency today to build a new generation of securities processing platforms?

Blockchain / DLT are no longer new technologies. After years of study and development, these much heralded technologies are now making their way into maintstream usage: providing financial organisations with opportunities for transformational growth.

Today we are in between two important phases of adoption: conceptual validation has happened but we have not reached large scale adoption. We have no shortage of industry specialists who see the potential applications of these technologies in our ecosystem: yet we also face large numbers of professionals who are sceptical about how they could ever be used ‘in anger’. In a heavily mediatised space, it is therefore hard for industry participants to know where they stand.

This report is designed to provide unique, hype-free clarity into where DLT is being adopted through the investment cycle: providing statistical data on who is driving it, its intended applications, its benefits and insights around its deployment.

Led and supported by ISSA (the International Securities Services Association), Accenture, Digital Asset and Global Custodian magazine, this survey will enable market participants to be able to source actionable, industry benchmarks on where they are in their own innovation-journey: how they compare with their peers, what their competitors are focused on and what their customers are expecting.

Listen to the experts

Join Glen Fernandes (Euroclear), Urs Sauer (SIX) and Colin Parry (ISSA) as we discuss the Key Findings of this industry-wide research

DLT in the Real World: Key Findings explained
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