50% of our industry is missing 70% of our costs per trade

What does that mean for us in terms of regulatory compliance, efficiency and growth?

What decisions are we making about our future: and they the right decisions?

Tracking and measuring the total costs of the trade have never been more important in the financial markets.

Whilst trading volumes have continued to grow globally, the rise of low-cost ETF platforms have driven fund managers and brokers to seek out ever greater efficiencies in the last decade. At the same time, new regulations have been launched globally to drive transparency on this exact point (e.g. the MIFIDs). And with  economic uncertainty growing, 2020 looks set to be a year of unprecedented cost control.

But how are fund managers, private bankers, brokers, exchanges and regulators dealing with these growing pressures? How transparently are they really tracking their costs? Where are they succeeding? Where are they looking to make progress next year?

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