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Why is this important?

Tracking and measuring the total costs of the trade have never been more important in the financial markets.

Whilst trading volumes have continued to grow globally, the rise of low-cost ETF platforms have driven fund managers and brokers to seek out ever greater efficiencies in the last decade. At the same time, new regulations have been launched globally to drive transparency on this exact point (e.g. the MIFIDs). And with trade wards and economic uncertainty growing, 2020 looks set to be a year of unprecedented cost control.

But how are fund managers, private bankers, brokers, exchanges and regulators dealing with these growing pressures? How transparently are they really tracking their costs? Where are they succeeding? Where are they looking to make progress next year?


Why #thePulse report?

#thePulse is a new research line, designed to provide uniquely statistical and actionable insights into what investors are doing today. Stripping away the hype and the personal views, #thePulse reports are there to help you understand:

  1. Why you need to be thinking about this

  2. What your peers are doing

  3. What you need to be aware of

  4. What regulators think

  5. What you should be doing next


This report will poll over 2,000 financial professionals internationally across the entire financial ecosystem (across both the buy- and sell-sides), in order to understand where they are focusing their efforts today and tomorrow. It will focus on 3 key areas:

  • Total Cost per trade: who is measuring it today; how; and why?

  • Where are people seeing changes in their cost bases and where are they focusing their attention in 2020?

  • Where have people succeeded in controlling costs so far and why?


Each of these points will be broken down into granular detail (by market, by asset class and many other profiles) in order to give a specific and actionable view to each reader.


How can you use this research?

The outcomes for professionals using this research:

  • Understanding of the global context around the Total Cost per trade: why it is more important than ever

  • Insights on how regulators and marketplaces are seeking to drive more clarity in this space

  • Guidelines for methodology and market best practice around tracking ‘Total Cost per Trade’: per region, etc.

  • Insights on how the market has witnessed trends and forecasts changes in trading costs: to help accurately predict business growth

  • Insights on where to focus in 2020 as professionals seek to manage their Total Cost per Trade

Learn more about the insight campaign here: