#vxBeat insight on Our Lives This Week: Moving into a new normal...Mostly.

Based on this week's #vxBeat BAU tracker, our new lives of Covid-driven self-isolation or separation are starting to become the new norm this week.

The frenetic transition to new methods of work have been the central priority over the last two weeks: as we have adapted our procedures, technologies and behaviours to the new normal. Last week, 36% of respondents spent only small parts of their time on the bigger picture and on their core business objectives - as they focused on the short term, critical needs of business continuity and kept their businesses going.

This week tells a slightly different story: with BCP transitions now complete, the majority of respondents are now focusing back on their core objectives. 54% of respondents are now spending most of their time focused on what they originally set out to achieve in 2020 - a new normal albeit in different surroundings.

But not everyone has that luxury. With market volatility and high trading volumes, around 30% of respondents are still entirely focused on short term survival: keeping core, transactional activities going. In significantly more challenging circumstances than normal, these core staff are focusing all-out this week on business delivery and keeping our financial markets moving.

Let's hope that they can see some level of business-as-usual return soon too.

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