The #vxDashboard is an online data visualization platform that helps to you see and analyse every aspect of our survey database. By filtering every question by up to 15 different criteria (e.g. country, segment, size of organization, job profiles, etc.) you can identify the data points that matter most to you: giving you your own actionable, commercial insights for the year ahead.

What’s the value to me?

This isn’t just abstract market data. This is data about you.

Leveraging the huge volume of data collected in each of our surveys, the #vxDashboard helps you to answer your business critical questions in real time


With highly interactive access that helps you to drill down to the specific data points that you're looking for, the platform is ideally suited to:


Strategy and Product management:

  • Size and segment your target market

  • Test and validate your unique-propositions

  • Track your target customers' needs and ambitions

  • Monitor your competition and their strategic value to your market


Business development:

  • Increase your strategic value (and sales effectiveness) by sourcing unique, statistical insights -

  • Track customer moods and needs for your call planning

  • Be ready to add unique value with your customers. 

Business management:

  • Measure the effectiveness of individual products and solutions

  • Track your market's needs and your perceived benefits 

You can roam through the competitive data as you like: getting all of your questions answered.


Try it out!

Take a moment to try out our example dashboard below: click on the interactive graphics and filters to watch the insights take shape!

(Please note that this dashboard example contains 'dummy' data and so should not be used for any analytical purposes)