We use innovative survey and data technology to deliver uniquely actionable, commercial benchmarks

that directly drive your P&L

Who are we?

#theValueExchange is a research, benchmarking and sales enablement company, focused on building empathy and understanding between buyers and sellers in the global financial services industry.


Whether you’re a broker dealer looking to build an investment plan for the year ahead, a fund manager CEO looking to decide where to build a competitive edge or a technology company looking to commercialise your next big product launch, the #vx is here to provide data-based insights that will help you make the right decisions.


Partnering extensively with industry associations across the globe, our aim is to not just help answer your business questions, but also to make sure that our statistical insights are used support advocacy on leading themes and industry pressure areas.


How do we work?

We do this by leveraging market-leading customer insight and online survey technology to source fresh and highly dynamic views from the people that matter most to you.


Sourcing insights from over 2,500 leading industry specialists around the world, we tap into the latest currents of trends and market dynamics in granular detail – tracking not only what is happening but digging into the key drivers and needs that are evolving in our markets today.


Working with our extensive partnership network (including industry associations such as ISSA, SIFMA, ASIFMA, TNF, ICI global and a range of media companies), our reach is then amplified globally: making sure that industry trends are clear to financial services professionals in every region and function.


Using our #vxDashboard platform, we then turn leading industry insights into highly flexible, interactive data dashboards: giving you the tools to explore our data findings and benchmark yourself and your clients, so that you can turn our data into your own actionable insights. With over 500,000 data points to draw on, we can help you to understand your market, your peers and your competitors clearly and in the way that you want.


Beyond simply producing, we turn over 20 years in the financial services space into valuable, actionable insights every day. Whether it is helping you to refine your client pitch, identifying major market changes or analysing your team’s performance, we provide our own, extensive insights through private reports, market whitepapers, industry discussions and podcasts: in order to help bring the topics that matter to life.  

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